Solar energy is the most proeminet energy source which can lead to a clean, sustainable and descentralized energy generation environment.

Household Solutions

For households that want less consumption and green energy.

Company Solutions

For companies that need to optimise their energy efficiency.


Our Vision

Founded in 2014, PROSOL provides homeowners and companies with simple and affordable clean energy. We believe that solar energy technology should be affordable to all consumers and in democratization of energy generation. Solar energy is the most proeminet energy source which can lead to a clean, sustainable and descentralized energy generation environment. 

about PROSOL

Our Mission

Is to provide the best solutions and solar technology available for our customers. That is why we work with high quality standards of solar products and leading manufacturers to ensure a durable and profitable solar installation.
Environment conservation and waste residues is part our major concerns. In this way we are also providing some solutions for waste management and integrated to energy generation for a more sustainable world.



We develop solar photovoltaic systems projects, provide equipment and carry out the assembly and installation of the systems. Our team provides the necessary advice to design a system according to your needs.


Solar energy is well fitted for commercial and services companies which labor time is more offen on day time. The profitability on this cases make it very attractive for solar PV. Prosol provides also customized solutions for your needs.


Solar power can turn electricity cost down and contribute for competitiveness of industrial companies which struggles with costly electricity bills. Our team can offer an optimized design to match consumption with solar power generation and take the most from your system.

Solar Thermal

Solar thermal technology can play a huge role for energy saving on customers with considerable heat demand. We can offer turnkey solutions for you.

Other Services

Auditing for private and Companies; Biogas: We offer integrated solutions for waste management solutions and sustainable power generation from industrial waste redidues.


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Handy kit for camping

“Sol num pedrada d’cavala”

Marco Cruz brought to the 6th edition of the Kavala Feast, which took place this Saturday, the “Sun Stone Kavala (Sun in a mackerel stone)”, as an innovation in the making of mackerel. The experience, which was exposed on the terrace of the Replica of the Torre de Belém, consists of using the solar energy and the stone to prepare a mackerel.


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